Where did she go?

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Usually, it seems when a blogger goes absent for a bit, it’s because of Big Plans they’re working on for their blog, website, etc.

Or they just got busy.

For me, it’s the latter. March proved to be an insane month, taking me away from keeping up with the market research bloggers I usually follow, and taking me away from writing about market research. Now that the dust from the project I was working on has settled, I’m catching up and will be back to my weekly posting starting in April (as in, you can expect a blog post from me next week).

If there are topics that piqued your interest the past few weeks, events that took place of which you think I should be aware, or topics you would like yo read about, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Z's passion is learning about and sharing best practices and new trends in market research (MR), from writing the best questionnaire possible to crafting a story that will resonate with stakeholders. Follow her musings on the MR industry on Twitter (@zontziry).

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