Season 2: Ep 1 – A Bunch of Research Types

Late June, Kristina and I recorded an episode where we talked about the future of the MRxplorer podcast. In that episode, we shared that we would be looking for people to share their stories and experiences of being BIPOC in market research. We then took a summer break in part for our sanity, in part to allow ourselves time to recruit and create the needed discussion guides for the conversations, and in part to explore what else we would do with the podcast, since it is, after all, all about exploring themes and topics related to market research.

We’re excited to kick off this new season of the podcast with the first of this new series exploring the world of market research! In this kick-off episode, we brainstorm all types of market research, from conjoint and max-diff to customer journeys, satisfaction tracking to social listening, and mystery shopping to neural caps!

The short of it is there are a LOT of different types of research, and we’re going to be exploring three key elements of each type as we continue this series:

  1. What kinds of questions does this market research type answer?
  2. How does this research work?
  3. When should it be used?

Have a listen, and stay tuned as we continue this series, and mix in the BIPOC stories as we collect them. It’s promising to be a really full and fun year for the podcast; we hope you’ll join us in the journey!

About Zontziry (Z) Johnson

Z's passion is learning about and sharing best practices and new trends in market research (MR), from writing the best questionnaire possible to crafting a story that will resonate with stakeholders. Follow her musings on the MR industry on Twitter (@zontziry).

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