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Safe Harbor; Data Science Machine; survey cyborg; negative feedback; what IS big data? It’s a #FridayFive!

From more information about Safe Harbor to MIT’s Data Science Machine, it’s time for a Friday Five!

Survey design tip: what will you do with the data?

will you act on the feedback

So far, in the weekly series about survey design tips, I’ve covered establishing the primary purpose for your survey; identifying your target audience for your survey; defining the different data cuts you want when you get the data back. Today, I want to delve a bit into the question of what will be done with the data once it’s gathered…. Read more »

Survey design tip: how will you slice the data?

When it comes to the survey design, things can get complicated quickly. (I think there’s an exponential curve to the level of complication around survey design based on the number of individuals involved in the survey design.) The aim of these survey design tips is to help you reduce the level of complication, regardless the number of people involved. So,… Read more »

#Bigdata, human error, Safe Harbor, segmentation, and brand measures: it’s the #FridayFive!

This week saw a couple of big announcements in big data and Safe Harbor. Add to that some help with your segmentation strategies, remembering that behind all analytics and interpretation of data are humans, and ideas on changing the way we measure brands, and you have this week’s Friday Five!

Writing unbiased survey questions

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Last week, I wrote about the most important step for survey writing: acquiring a razor-sharp focus for the study being designed. At the end of that post, I promised that this week’s survey design tip would focus on some tips for writing survey questions. With that in mind, let’s look at the first set of tips to address what I… Read more »

Recap from attending The Cutting Edge of NewMR webinar

About a month ago, I saw that there would be a webinar focused on the cutting edge of new market research technologies. I looked forward to this webinar from the moment I read about it to the moment it started. I get really excited about what’s being done in the market research industry to take advantage of the wealth of… Read more »

From #emotion analytics to #survey design tips, it’s a #FridayFive!

From emotion analytics to survey design tips, marketing strategy vs marketing plans and the reality of cross-platform data, it’s time for another weekly roundup of five articles that caught my attention this week.

Trim the survey or start from scratch?

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trim a survey

I was recently tasked with cutting up a survey to fit a mobile audience. I’ve written before about the need to design surveys for mobile, as opposed to writing mobile surveys. This experience has sealed the deal for starting survey development with mobile in mind first.

AMSRS; data visualization; and more! Time for a Friday Five!

It’s Friday! One of the things I enjoyed doing in a previous role was a review of articles that caught my interest in the previous week called the Friday Five. Let’s look at what’s been talked about in the world of market research this week!