I started my career in market research as a survey programmer at a United States Department of Energy national laboratory – in other words, one of the least likely places for anyone to start a career in market research! I learned the basics of writing good survey questions and doing basic data analysis, and applied that to growing the survey programming business at the laboratory into an end-to-end primary market research function.

That was the start of my passion for market research – from how to write a spectacular survey to how to find and tell the stories in the data gathered. I’ve had the opportunity to work as a market research client, supplier, and marketer/trainer for a survey software supplier. It took me some time to determine what I wanted to be when I grew up, and it happened when I found myself silently taking a poll on a public bus of what color and manufacturer of winter coat seemed to be most popular among the passengers along the route I was riding. Since that epiphany, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with exploring the evolution taking place in the market research industry with new technologies, evolving methodologies, and a growing field of DIY researchers. My experience has been heavy on business-to-business (B2B) research, especially in the tech industry.

When I take a break from writing about, tweeting about, and otherwise following the world of market research, I can be found doing a whole myriad of activities, from cycling and swimming to playing one of the 500+ boardgames that my husband and I own, to building Legos with our kiddo and a whole lot of stuff in between!

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