Because I’m a market researcher…(my adds)

Annie Pettit posted a blog post on Peanut Labs’ blog in October called, “Because I’m a marketing researcher…” It got me thinking what things I do differently because of market research. So, without further ado, here’s my addition to her list.

From A…to Z: because I’m a market researcher

14. At board game conventions, I semi-consciously take note of what games are most popular (i.e., never available) and people’s expressions and depth of concentration while playing the games.

15. I wonder what are the overlapping traits (if any) between Star Wars and Star Trek fans (and how large is the subgroup that like both?).

16. I wonder what the common attributes of people who like multiple science fiction shows (especially more modern versus older shows).

17. I wonder what kind of research goes into determining the suggested age ranges for various types of toys?

18. I sigh when I have to answer “what industry do you work in” and “market research” is actually an option, because I know it likely means I’m not going to get to take the rest of the survey.

19. While driving, I take rough estimates of the makes and models of the vehicles sharing the road with me.

20. At thrift stores, I note what toys seem to have fared the worst (as there are so many of the same one to choose from at multiple thrift stores!).

21. Also at thrift stores, I note what toys are rarely found and make a mental note to add those to my child’s toy collection.

22. I am more likely to participate in receipt surveys just to be able to see the survey content.

23. I notice who the software provider or agency is associated with an online survey (usually can be found in the URL).

24. I actively avoid stores where I know the cashiers have been trained to stamp the receipt with the survey at the bottom with “highly satisfied” while telling you to take their store survey. (Bias, anyone?)

25. I notice at the work campus cafe which lines for which food vendors are longest and wonder what’s driving the popularity – food flavor, food price, food quality, or some combination? Which are the most important to diners? I barely resist doing a flash poll with the people in line.

26. I constantly have arguments with myself over market research topics like brand trackers dying (or are they?), market researchers needing to be more consultative (or do they?), and market research firms needing to all speed up their research (or should they?).

27. When I see or hear new ads from a company, I try to reverse-engineer the questions that may have gone into a focus group or survey to determine what the new messaging should be for their new campaign.

I’ll echo Annie’s question at the end of her original blog post: what would you add to this list?

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