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Quallie and Quantie: a love story

Once upon a time, there lived two individuals who seemed to have completely opposite personalities: Quallie and Quantie. Nobody thought they’d get along together well. Quantie was all about numbers and could sometimes come across as really boring to listen to, though occasionally, there were nuggets of gold hidden among all the numbers Quantie shared. Quantie could also come across… Read more »

A personal reflection backwards and forwards

2016 was quite the year for me personally. During the year, I learned a lot about being a market research supplier and being a market research client, switching from supplier-side to client-side part-way through the year. I signed up to lead the Seattle branch of the New Research Speakers group, an effort led by Annie Pettit. I also took a… Read more »


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I watched a YouTube video recently of business terms that are often heard (and used) in the workplace. They included such classics as, “B to B,” “Is that in your wheelhouse?”, and “Let’s take that offline.” It made me think about some of the terms that one hears during market research meetings. So, I present to you, Market Research Bingo…. Read more »

The long survey that worked

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I am a big fan of public transportation. It gives me the chance to people-watch, nap, read, listen to podcasts, and generally avoid being stuck in traffic. Recently, I got a bit of a market research lesson on my bus ride to work.

Because I’m a market researcher…(my adds)

Annie Pettit posted a blog post on Peanut Labs’ blog in October called, “Because I’m a marketing researcher…” It got me thinking what things I do differently because of market research. So, without further ado, here’s my addition to her list.